A series of stories that follow the “What-if?” scenario of Desmond falling prey to the Bleeding Effect.


Of Monterigioni, of Masyaf, of Firenze

A “What-if?” scenario for if the Bleeding Effect caused Desmond to seem to be starting down Subject 16’s path.

We Are One

With the Bleeding Effect in full swing, this is what happened to Desmond during and after the final events of AC3.

Seeking Understanding

Shaun has a question and Desmond does his best to answer it.

Rise in Defense

In the aftermath of the Juno’s defeat and the Templars fall, the Assassins discover that Abstergo was searching through Edward Kenway’s memories. Rebecca ends up being the one to take this news to Desmond and gets more of a response than she bargained for.

Trust Broken and Trust Affirmed

In the end they were too different, even to those they shared the most with.

Together We Face the Precipice

Desmond gets an update from Shaun that isn’t good and starts making plans to stop a massive crisis in the making.

The Paths of Madmen

All does not go as planned when they reach the Observatory to stop a terrible mistake from happening.

All of the Wrong Pieces

After the Observatory, they awaken to find that there is something missing.

Kicked Down From Solid Ground

Altaïr, Ezio, Connor, and Haytham have been slowly trying to figure out how to fit themselves together without Desmond as their foundation. Of course, things are never so easy in their world.