“What freedom is there when you’re always running, terrified that the next village could be the one with the templar that takes away everything you’ve ever known?”

Some might tell the story that when the apostate Anders blew up the Kirkwall Chantry, Treva Hawke was quick to slay him in her fury at the death of the Grand Cleric. That, however, is merely a tale concocted by Varric Tethras to protect her and others. This is the true story of what happened that day…and all that came after.

  1. 9:37 Dragon – Love Even In Death
  2. 9:37 Dragon – Forging Anew
  3. 9:37 Dragon – New Homes, Old Homes
  4. 9:37 Dragon – One Step Then Another
  5. 9:37 Dragon – Not Alone
  6. 9:38 Dragon – What Makes Us Happy
  7. 9:38 Dragon – To Have Eyes
  8. 9:38 Dragon – Want and Need
  9. 9:38 Dragon – Mourning the Past
  10. 9:38 Dragon – In From the Sea