Meryell Verlen


Born in 9:15 Dragon in the South Reach alienage to Sarra Ivun and Terys Verlen (birthname, Arauven) of mixed city elf and Dalish heritage. Her mother died in 9:26 of a coughing sickness and her father was murdered after the illness had taken its toll. Meryell was taken in by the alienage hahren and joined a local gang at thirteen to escape (particularly from his rule that she forget everything her father taught her). Members of the gang then trained her as a thief.

Fifteen when the Blight hit Ferelden, she and other members of the gang were hired to aid a pair of mercenaries from the Fangs of Vimmark company for a job. She gained a rapport with the hedgemage of the pair who went by the name Folke and he ended up recruiting her into the company after the job was finished (mostly thanks to her being part of rescuing the pair from the South Reach dungeons).

Meryell has since served amongst the ranks of the Fangs of Vimmark for ten years, gaining regard as one of their best spies over the years. In Cloudreach of 9:41 Dragon, she was chosen as the member to travel to the Conclave in Haven in order to steal a number of rare books during the proceedings. On the 28th day of Cloudreach, the Conclave was destroyed and she became the only survivor.



Born of a Ferelden father and a Chasind mother in 8:95 Blessed, Folke came into the world touched just a hair by the Fade. With just enough magic to be troublesome revealing itself at age six and a gift that sometimes revealed when terrible things were going to happen, he’s a self-taught hedgemage with a wealth of herbal knowledge from his mother as well as other Chasind that she knew.

Leaving home in order to keep his family safe (in the wake of an impression that if he didn’t they would die), he ended up falling in with the Fangs of Vimmark company at age thirteen. Former Captain Laurens had no qualms about bringing a child in and having them serve as a full member, having judged them to be able since they were deemed worthy of recruitment. Folke did many things he’s now ashamed of during his first years in the company before current Captain Arnald took over when the hedgemage was twenty-five.

In 9:30 Dragon during a job in Ferelden, Folke recruited two members of a South Reach street gang: a fifteen year-old elf, Meryell Verlen, and a seventeen year-old human, Clovel Fairweather. Clovel ended up being taken under the wing by his mission partner Tobik and Folke took a personal internet in the foul-mouthed girl who pretty much ended up glued to his side. This was the beginning of what would become a relationship he’d never expected, that would earn him the love of a daughter.

In Cloudreach of 9:41 Dragon, Folke had a bad feeling and ignored it for the first time in years as Meryell left on a job. Nearly a month later on the 4th of Bloomingtide, he believed his daughter to be dead. Thankfully…he was wrong.

Arnald Seraine

Captain of the Fangs of Vimmark

Dogtooth Zarru

Second of the Fangs of Vimmark

Engill “Gil” Dryton

Former Senior Enchanter, Fangs Healer