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“There's power in stories, though. That's all history is: the best tales. The ones that last. Might as well be mine.” – Varric Tethras

Kirkwall Freed – 9:38 Dragon, In From the Sea

“Well,” drawled Isabela as she descended the ramp from her ship, hips rolling and drawing the eye of every man as well as a few women on the docks. “Look at you, Hawke!”

Treva laughed and shifted Mathis’ weight against her hip as she grinned at the pirate. Her nine month-old son frowned curiously at the dark-skinned woman before curling up against her side, sticking one of his tiny fists in his mouth. It was, as she’d learned, one of the gestures he made when he was uncertain.

Gently patting his back, she said, “You’re looking good yourself, Bela.”

“I always look good, darling.” The pirate then turned as she stepped onto the docks and shouted, “You lot know the drill and what comes off ship!”

“Aye, Captain!” came several cries and then Treva found her free arm entangled with Isabela’s.

“And where’s Fenris?” asked Treva as she nodded back at the ship.

Chuckling, the pirate answered, “He likes to keep an eye on the men. What he always says is he’s doing it to keep them honest but I think he’s lying to me. Really I think he’s…”

“Isabela,” came a growl from behind them and both women turned to see the aforementioned elf standing at the edge of the ship, his arms folded across his chest. He arched a pale eyebrow at the pirate then turned his attention to Treva, giving her one of his rare smiles. “Hawke.”

“Hello, Fenris,” she said with a smile as she bounced Mathis lightly. “You know it hasn’t been so long that I’m going to start believing Bela’s stories.”

He chuckled darkly at that before saying, “I am aware.” His green eyes flicked towards the pirate then and he asked, “Do I need to really do whatever it is you were going to suggest so crudely?”

“Only if you want to,” she answered with a wink.

Fenris snorted then nodded to Treva. “I’ll be inside in a few hours. Tell your templar his supplies are safe.”

“I will,” she answered and turned to head into the Gallows, now pulling a somewhat stunned Isabela behind her instead of the other way around. After a moment the other woman recovered and started to smile at her.

“Well, well, well.”


“I never expected our sweet Hawke to deflower a poor templar,” answered Isabela slyly.

Treva scoffed and lifted her chin, smirking as she replied, “What makes you think he needed deflowering?” She revelled in the momentary shock on the pirate’s face, pleased that she had done so, then continued, “And he is decidedly not poor. At all.”

Laughing, Isabela asked, “Who is this minx that’s replaced our Hawke? You certainly weren’t this saucy with Anders.” Peering around Treva at Mathis, who hid his face in her hair, she added, “Surely motherhood didn’t change your tune.”

“Oh of course not.” Treva smiled before saying, “I feel like I’m more free now than I have been in years, Bela. Some days it’s still hard when I remember what happened but I have so many things to distract me from it. This little shy lad for starts.” As she mentioned him, she freed her arm from Isabela and tickled her son’s side, making him giggle and forget his uncertainty for a moment. “I don’t have to hide here. There are people that need me here in the Gallows, mages and templars both, and others in the city. I’m rather shockingly happy.”

“And,” drawled Isabela, “you have a handsome man to please you at night. You forgot that part.” She then tentatively reached out to tickle Mathis’ belly, smiling as she drew a giggle out of him. “We are going to have to have a night just to ourselves before I leave, you know. I want to hear stories.”

“Bela!” scolded Treva. “You have Fenris!”

The pirate just grinned, asking, “What makes you think he doesn’t want to hear them himself?”

“You are shameless.”

“And that, darling, is what everyone loves about me.”

Treva laughed at that because she couldn’t disagree. Then she asked, “How long can you stay this time?”

Isabela sobered somewhat then as she answered, “Not more than a few days, I’m afraid. Winter months are about to be starting and much as I like Kirkwall with you in it, it’s not for us.”

“Kirkwall isn’t for everyone, so I understand.” She then smiled, deciding quickly to change the subject, and asked, “So, have you heard who our new Viscount is?”

“Oh yes,” replied the pirate, her eyes lighting up. “How did you manage to convince my girl to take over? No, don’t answer. You appealed to her…” She paused to sniff and straighten her posture before saying in a bad mockery of Aveline, “Sense of duty.”

“Something like that,” answered Treva with a laugh.

Isabela grinned before asking quietly, “She hasn’t changed, has she?”

Knowing exactly what Isabela was referring to, she smiled. “Aveline will still insult you, Bela. Viscount or not.”

“That’s my girl.”

Treva just shook her head at that, saying, “Never change, Bela. Now, shall we go tell my templar that his supplies have arrived as Fenris put it?”

“Oh yes,” answered the pirate warmly. “Is he still so awfully shy?”

“Not so much.” Treva then smiled mischievously. “I do enjoy it when he blushes though.”

“Darling,” drawled Isabela as she looped their arms together again, “I think I can help you there.” As their laughter echoed off the walls of the Gallows, Treva was all too glad that she had her long absent friend back at least for a time.

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