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“There's power in stories, though. That's all history is: the best tales. The ones that last. Might as well be mine.” – Varric Tethras

Blinded By –

Why can he not see?

He deflected another of his twin’s strikes with liquid ease and stepped to the side to avoid a wild bullet from one of the guns – Ebony, judging by the black blur. Silver eyebrows wrinkled as Vergil frowned at Dante, unable to comprehend his brother’s position.

How can he not see that the humans will tear themselves apart?

Precious thought process is lost as Dante scores a hit and Vergil scowls as he focuses his full attention on the battle. It is all a blur of motion and sound until the moment Rebellion darts past his defenses and buries itself in his chest.


He’d never expected his brother to win. Dante had power, yes, and power in spades but he was so reckless and undisciplined. Yet somehow, somehow he had managed to get past Vergil’s defense.

As he fell to the ground and the sword burrowed deeper into his chest, Vergil could see how. Looming above him, his teeth bared, Dante was very nearly lost in the rage of Devil Trigger.

So this is how I die. At the hands of my own brother.

He was fading, he could feel himself already drifting away from his body, from the pain. And then he heard her voice, Kat’s voice, pleading for his life.

I don’t need your help.

Rebellion pulled back out of his chest with a sickening, sucking sensation and Vergil couldn’t help the gasp that he uttered. As the wound began to mend, torn flesh already started to knit back together as supernatural healing went to work, his eyes focused on his brother’s extended hand.

Reaching up for what he knew would likely be the last time, he allowed Dante to pull him to his feet.

“The world is under my protection now,” said his brother firmly and Vergil wondered when exactly Dante had changed viewpoints. When they’d found him, he couldn’t have cared less about the world.

Pressing one hand over the healing wound in his chest, he replied, “You’ve chosen the wrong side. You aren’t human, Dante, and you never will be.” Yet even as he says the words, he sees it. His brother, his twin, is so painfully human.

You could be so much more at my side, Dante.

As he uses Yamato to open a portal, Vergil turns to look back at his brother, who stands with his arm extended in front of Kat.

“I loved you, brother,” he says and the pain of that statement wars for dominance over the pain in his chest. Then he turns away because there is nothing else to do.

One day you will see how truly weak and damaged your precious humans are, brother. Then, you may just regret refusing me.

If not, you will regret your decision anyway when I do take this world.

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